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Meet the Elders | The Emmaus Community

Meet the Elders

The head of The Emmaus Community is Jesus Christ.  As a Christian community of faith, we seek to reflect G-d’s priorities in all we do and how we do it.  That is, no decision is ever made that would knowingly contradict any of Jesus’ teaching.  In addition, through the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit, we endeavor to discern G-d’s direction for us as a community of faith.  Whenever we implement a plan, we keep one eye on our effectiveness, and the other eye on our core passions. “What” we do is as important as the “how” we do it.  Moreover, we consistently seek the next steps G-d would show us.

Front: Elder Marcia Martin, Elder Darlene Turner, Elder Willette Hudson (At Large), Elder Estella Tolbert Back: Elder Nate Sutton (At Large), Elder Craig Martin, Elder Ira Rounsaville, Elder Ben Bridges, Elder James Tolbert, Elder Duane Spears (At Large)

Broadly speaking, the Table of Elders is comprised of (1) those that fulfill the duties of lay ministers, including the responsibilities of discipleship, discernment, teaching and disciplining; and, (2) those that have experience and giftedness in areas of management and administration. More specifically, as a group of men and women who are given the task of overseeing the life and health of The Emmaus Community, the Table of Elders provides ministry and governance for the congregation. The Elders delegate the daily organizational management and leadership to the Lead Pastor.



Elder’s Hotline: (708) 481-7025 ext. 2

The Table of Elders meets bi-weekly to provide the following leadership for The Emmaus Community:

  • Support the Lead Pastor in discerning and executing the vision/mission for TEC.
  • Establish Policy.
  • Establish a Multi Year Strategy.
  • Establish Annual Goals.
  • Establish an Annual Budget.
  • Ensure that the Core Values are embodied in the organization’s plans and actions.
  • Provide Subject Matter Expertise and Advice.
  • Provide Subject Matter Team Leadership.
  • Spearhead Fund Development for Operations, Operating Reserves and Capital Expenditures.
  • Ensure the organization complies with applicable federal, state & local laws and regulations.
  • Provide financial decision making for large operating/capital expenditures and investments.

Members of the Table of Elders are expected to:

  • Maintain weekly worship attendance and participation at Epic and Exploration.
  • Participate in Sunday prayers at 7:30 a.m. and/or 9:30 a.m.
  • Be consistent in proportionate giving (i.e. tithing).
  • Attend all Table of Elders meetings; and, keep the strictest of confidence around issues discussed.
  • Assist with serving Holy Communion, both at the building and in homes.
  • Serve as intercessor prayer leader, during the altar call after each sermon.
  • Attend all TEC hosted funerals; and serve as a TEC representative at assigned off-site funerals.
  • Provide congregational support via regular prayer over the weekly e-blast list, personal contacts and home visitations with members and visitors.
  • Shepherd assigned serving team leaders, including regular bi-monthly check-ins with leaders.
  • Provide counsel to members, as needed.
  • Mediate disputes among members, as needed.
  • Attend and participate in regular Leadership Meetings and Training.
  • Be available to teach or facilitate small groups as needed or requested during Epic or Exploration.
  • Sustain their own spiritual life through additional reading, private prayers, and personal worship.
  • Be proficient in the language lexicon of TEC.