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Meet The Serving Team Leaders | The Emmaus Community
Patricia Scott-Velazquez
Vicki Battle

Team Leader: Patricia Scott-Velazquez

The Administration serving team is committed to fostering servant leadership by connecting the TEC Family to the administrative and IT resources of TEC. As good stewards of resource and organizational management we have the distinct privilege of empowering others as they continue to be involved in TEC life.

Building and Grounds
Team Leader: Vicki Battle

Walk/Work in Christ’s image doing carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC projects as needed. This team provides exterior upkeep including grass cutting and landscaping. By working to identify, resolve and maintain the physical and mechanical property needs of TEC, the Building and Grounds team provides a safe, sturdy and appealing home for TEC.

Rev. Linda Napier-Howell

Congregational Care
Team Leader: Rev. Linda Napier-Howell

The Congregational Care team responds with love and the compassion of Christ to families experiencing illness, bereavement and other difficult times. If you believe a gentle touch, a kind word, a warm greeting and a gesture of love go a long way this may be the serving team for you.

College Connections
Team Leader: Rev. Jesús Marquez

The College Connection exists to offer ongoing encouragement and support to enrolled college students (locally or away) up to the age of 25. The goal of the College Connection Team is to remind TEC students that TEC remains relevant and available to them as they travel along the next part of their life’s journey.

Lonnie and Christie Lawrence & Carolyn and Goldman Mix
Amber Sanders

Dare 2 Love
Team Leaders:
Lonnie and Christie Lawrence & Carolyn and Goldman Mix

The Dare 2 Love serving team exists to help couples establish and cultivate a marriage relationship build on God’s Word. Our events, discussions groups and getaway serve as proactive opportunities for spouses to strengthen and rediscover their friendships with one another and fellowship with other couples. We are committed to helping couples interact by aligning with the Core Passions of The Emmaus Community.

Decor and Asthetics
Team Leader: Amber Sanders

The mission of the Decor and Aesthetics serving team is provide a visually comfortable atmosphere for TEC. The Decor and Aesthetics team uses the Liturgical calendar in collaboration with the TEC Leadership to enhance the visual and sensory experience of TEC. Additionally, D&A will assist with strategic placement and posting of communication materials in keep with TEC goals and missions.

Jonathan Thomas
Camille Campbell

Team Leader: Jonathan Thomas

The eMCee team members contribute to the creating of an uplifting worship atmosphere by creatively opening and facilitating worship gatherings and special events – promoting community connections, displaying energy and modeling joy for G-d. During TEC gatherings, emcees deliver the opening prayer; formally greet TEC family and friends; acknowledge all visitors; provide updates and general information; and facilitate the recognition of big events in the lives of anyone present which leads to a corporate celebration.

Fusion Cafe
Team Leader: Camille Campbell

The Fusion Cafe team helps to create a warm and welcoming environment where TEC family, friends and guests can find refreshment and experience community. Fusion supports regular TEC worship gatherings and periodic special events.

Eric Young
Kim Thompson and Carolyn Taylor Mix

Team Leader: Eric Young

Hospitality Serving Team’s mission is to create a positive and refreshing experience to any individual that attends or visits The Emmaus Community. Hospitality is assigned to welcome people as they enter TEC or sponsored events; provide assistance to anyone requiring special accommodation; distribute program related materials; takes attendance; anticipates and addresses seating needs; resolves attendee concerns; assists with facilitation of Communion and other services as needed.

Team Leaders: Kim Thompson and Carolyn Taylor Mix

The Missions Team facilitates opportunities for the people of The Emmaus Community to serve the local, national and international community. Missions Team members typically; work with the Pastor to initiate and plan outreach projects and events; develop communication materials to update the TEC family about its collection mission efforts; and work with the Pastor to equip, inform and prepare TEC volunteers for mission efforts.

Sharon Spencer
Thomas Jefferson

Mosaic (Griefshare)
Team Leader: Sharon Spencer

The Mosaic team responds with love and the compassion of Christ to families experiencing the loss of a loved one. The team meets with those bereaved once a week or twelve consecutive weeks. Our goal is to provide a safe space for people to share (or not share if they choose) their feelings as they transition to a new way of living. If you believe a gentle touch, a warm greeting, the ability to listen with empathy and feel called to journey with those in the grief process this may be the serving team for you.

Team Leader: Thomas Jefferson

M.I.S.T.E.R. is mentoring program targeted toward young men ages 12-18. MISTER strives to help young men with their Christian walk in the journey from adolescence to manhood. M.I.S.T.E.R. mentors foster spirituality, self-confidence, discipline, self-respect, respect for others and provide positive male role models with goal of helping young men develop a foundation upon which to build a life as responsible MEN in service to their families, church community and to G_d.

Maurice Joshua
Dorothy Betts

Team Leader: Maurice Joshua

The Media Team connects the evolving, visually driven world to G-d through cutting-edge technology. Creative outlet such as graphic design, video images, photography, lighting and sound are incorporated to amplify the TEC worship experience.

New Beginnings
Team Leader: Theretha Lewis Reid and Kim Thompson

The New Beginnings Team helps familiies celebrate a “new beginning” be it a wedding ceremony or birth of a baby. The team primarily serves as liaison between wedding party or Baby blessing representatives and TEC. In addition, they assist with planning and organizing of the flow of wedding, baby blessing ceremonies and Confirmation of New Members

Louise Baker
Paul Miller

Team Leader: Louise Baker

W.I.N.G.S. is TEC’s mentoring program dedicated to young women ages 11-18. W.I.N.G.S. strives to provide a Mentor and a Mentee relationship that promotes encouragement, builds self-confidence, emphasizes discipline and respect for self and others using various activities and programs.

Team Leader: Paul Miller

The Production Team, under the direction of the Worship Director, in collaboration with Multi-Media manages the visual aspects of the gathering and ensures execution of the weekly cue sheet.