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Our Story | The Emmaus Community

Everyone loves a great story, especially one we get to see ourselves in. The Emmaus Community located in the south suburbs of Chicago is more than just a community of faith – it’s a story that keeps writing new chapters with people just like you in mind.

The Launch Team invited fifty friends to pray with them for three months. Through this intercessory team it was determined that Emmaus should move forward and only forward. Fellowship Instructional Groups (FIG) met during the fall of 2005 in the auditorium of Prairie State College, culminating with monthly Sunday “Preview” gatherings held at the Marcus Theatre in Chicago Heights. Word of mouth and word of heart brought more and more people each week—seeking comfort, coffee, and Christ. After the surprising opportunity to purchase a building in early 2006, a determined and dedicated “Campus Team” renovated the property during a three-week period. All hands on deck took on a new meaning as individuals became teams and teams became family working together to create a space fit for the King.

Fittingly, on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006, The Emmaus Community began meeting regularly at 925 MacArthur Drive in Chicago Heights, Illinois. TEC currently is a community of over 300 members and conducts weekly worship gatherings for both adults and youth, and continues to support the Family in spreading the word and the love of G-d.

Today, new chapters of the Emmaus story are being written every day, creating safe and unique enviornments where you can explore and investigate what it means to believe in G-d.

Whether it’s at the highly creative Epic Gatherings on Sunday mornings, the always informative Exploration Gatherings on Thursday evenings, or any of the other numerous opportunities designed to encourage you to pursue your spiritual journey, the Emmaus Community continues its welcoming ways to all who come through their doors.

The Emmaus Community is more than just a community of faith – it’s a great story waiting for a chapter to be written with your name in it, and that’s what makes it great – the people.
People just like you.
What are you waiting for?

Lastly, we are committed to live by our Core Passions: