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Prayers of safety and protection to those who waiting for assistance and rescue in Houston. May the Spirit of G-d hover near. Prayers up for those who are providing immediate and life-saving help to those who are stranded and surrounded by water. May G-d’s power fill you so that your strength might outlast the work ahead. Prayers for those whose hearts are troubled by the inaction of those who refuse to share resources that could ease their suffering. May the Spirit of peace that defies understanding and explanation comfort you in the midst of this catastrophe that has been exacerbated by a lack of human and humane concern. Prayers for those who have lost loved ones, possessions, homes and hope. Prayers for wisdom and discernment for those who are seeking out ways to offer support, both financially and tangibly. G-d, continue to draw together good people to do good in the earth. Let us find partnerships in unusual places and allow us to be recepieitns of unexpected grace. Lord, let Harvey’s destruction cease. Restore. Renew. Redeem. In Jesus’ Name.

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