Serving Team Name: Missions

Description of Team: The Missions Team facilitates opportunities for the people of The Emmaus Community to serve the local, national and international community.

Normal Duties: Missions Team members typically; work with the Pastor to initiate and plan outreach projects and events; develop communication materials to update the TEC family about its collection mission efforts; and work with the Pastor to equip, inform and prepare TEC volunteers for mission efforts.

Serving Type: Project-based, monthly and financial commitment

Day(s) Needed: Varies according to mission project

Times: Varies

Repeats: N/A

Spiritual Gifts: Leadership, Encouraging, Helps and Administration

Qualifications: N/A

Abilities: Organization

Contact Person: Carolyn Taylor-Mix and Kim Thompson

Email: caroltgm@comcast.net and josielee60@gmail.com